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Their Minds are NOT Made Up – by Vicky Kaseorg

A common misperception of women who end up at abortion centers is that their minds are made up. Some women will even tell us not to bother speaking to them. They tell us they have made their decision and they are determined to have an abortion. They usually justify this decision with an assurance that their issues are too serious to do anything else.

Yet time after time, we see women who make this proclamation change their minds. Our counselors are trained to persevere in obedience to God, and trust that He will do the rest. 

This week, a woman drove into the abortion center barely glancing at us as she streamed in behind several other cars. She did stop briefly, and take our literature from our youngest sidewalk counselor, Grace. Grace, age 17, has wanted to be a sidewalk counselor since she was 11 years old. She takes her role very seriously. The woman did not speak to Grace. Nonetheless, Grace begged her to reconsider the choice to abort.


She seemingly ignored us as she filed through the door of the clinic. Our counselors, including Grace, called out to her every moment that she was within earshot. Once she was inside the building, another counselor spoke on the microphone. We use our amplified sound system because we know the women can hear us inside the building. We know that what we have to say is of utmost importance. We have been told many times that we are the ONLY voice speaking on behalf of saving the baby’s life.

The counselor on the microphone elaborated on the main areas the other counselors had mentioned. God. Humanity of the baby. Help available.

What would God have you do? Do you know Jesus? If you do, then what do you think of His words: if you love me, you will obey me? Did you know your child already has a beating heart? We can show you that beating heart now for free on an ultrasound. No matter what you face, we can help you, but please, do not take your innocent, precious child’s life.

The abortionist arrived and we knew now the killing would begin. That is always a hard moment for the sidewalk counselors. However, we know that we are to remain steadfast in proclaiming truth. The Holy Spirit’s job is to convict. After a while, women left in a clump. We knew these were likely the women who had taken the pill for a chemical abortion. The woman who had taken literature from Grace left shortly after, on the heels of that first group. 

She stopped for our counselor who asked, “Did you change your mind?” There was nothing that indicated she had, but we always ask. To our surprise, she said that she had. We asked her to pull over so we could give her gifts and tell her about our mentorship program and the many ways we could help her. She pulled over, eyes shimmering with tears.

“What changed your mind?”we asked. This is a useful question for many reasons. First of all, we want to know so we can learn from the answer and perhaps be more effective. But also, by answering the question, the woman reaffirms the reason for her choice for life. Her decision is often fragile in the first hours and days. It is important to bolster the choice for life as best we can.

“I felt my conscience already feeling bad when I came,”she said. “But then, when I heard everything you were saying, you know about God, and the baby….I just knew I could not do it.”

The few voices speaking truth about God were all she needed to hear. She had thought her mind was made up, but the voices of committed Christians somehow punctured that assurance. She accepted our gifts gratefully and thanked us. 

It was the first woman that Grace had seen in her short time as a counselor who verified a choice for life. She realized as she smiled at the woman that it was she who had given the woman the literature, and it was her words about God that woman first heard.

But she had little time to rejoice because she is well-trained and serious about what she is called to do. The next woman was arriving, and Grace would not let the value of  a single baby be left unspoken. You never know what might change a mind, no matter how much they insist nothing will.

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