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We Show Up and God Shows Off – by Vicky Kaseorg

When I arrived on the sidewalk, one of my fellow counselors from many years ago sent me a text from a mom our team had helped 7 years ago. As far as I know, she had not been in touch all those years with the mom. Here is the text:


I read the text in wonderment, delighted to know that the mom we had helped had helped others. This is how a culture of life grows exponentially! 

Right after I read the text, a car was driving slowly down the street toward the abortion center. I waved, and held up our literature. The car stopped.

A young couple was in the car. The young woman driving took my literature but then told me she already had it. She held up our pamphlet. She told me she had been to Planned Parenthood and been stopped by one of our team members there. She had been told she could get a free ultrasound with us on a mobile ultrasound unit parked in front of the Latrobe abortion center. I told her normally she could, but it was not there today.

I quickly called to my teammate nearby to try to schedule a free ultrasound with the Queen City Pregnancy Center just ten minutes away. Meanwhile, I counseled the young couple. I asked what their plans were regarding the baby. The young lady said she did not know. She was young, and afraid, and not at all in a position to have a baby. The young man told me he was in college and not ready either. I asked the woman’s name. Faith. Her name was Faith!

I smiled and asked her what she had faith in? She did not know what to say. Then I asked if she believed in God. She said she did. I told her she could choose to put her faith in things of this world and her own solution that might make her think abortion was a viable choice….or she could put her faith and her trust in God who loved her and her baby. I urged her to claim the legacy of her name.

“Who creates life?” I asked.


“Who created your baby?”

She looked down, eyes suddenly filling with tears. She whispered, “God.”

The boyfriend put his arm around her, patting her shoulder.

“Did God make a mistake?” I asked.

She was silent.

“Do you think He didn’t mean for that baby to be alive?” I asked.

She shook her head.

Then I remembered the text I had just received.

“Listen, I know you both are overwhelmed. Probably in shock.”

They nodded.

“I just got this text a few moments ago. It is from someone who was young like you in much the same situation a few years ago. Listen to what she wrote.”

As I read the text to the young woman, she began sobbing, tears rolling off her cheeks. The boyfriend held her close. 

“We have so much help available,” I said, “And just like the writer of this letter says, we should never make life or death decisions based on changing feelings or situations, but on the unchanging truths of God. You may think this is a terrible thing that has happened to you, but just like this person wrote, it is likely to become the BEST thing that will happen to you! You may think that if you abort, it will be over and you can go on with life. However, if you abort, you will go on with life with the knowledge that you took your own child’s life. Your situation and feelings will change, like the young woman who wrote this text. But if you kill your baby, that reality will not change.”

She nodded. I knew at that moment, her heart had changed. Sometimes, after all these years of counseling abortion minded women, we just KNOW when the Holy Spirit has captured someone’s heart and mind. The shift was palpable.

I asked where she was from. She told me. It was a few hours away. Amazingly, we have Love Life teams in that city. I had recently visited the city and knew our team had an amazing House of Refuge church who would help the mom in any and every way needed. I told Faith and asked if I could connect her with them, after the free ultrasound. She said yes. The boyfriend nodded, smiling. I told her the name of the man in her area who would help her: Michael.

My teammate now confirmed the Pregnancy Resource Center had made room for Faith to have an ultrasound if she would come immediately. I told Faith I would call her later and connect her with Michael.

I gave her one of my painted rocks with a picture of a baby in the womb and the verse from Jeremiah 1:5.

““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.””

Jeremiah 1:5 

I told her this verse is God telling Jeremiah that while he was yet in the womb, he had been chosen by God and appointed as a prophet. I told her her little baby was also known by God, and already, God had plans for that child.

New tears poured out, but she was smiling as she clutched the rock. As they drove away, I heard my phone ping as a new text came in. I could not believe who it was from. 


I had not texted him in months! I laughed with delight in God’s attention to the tiniest details to encourage and show us how ever-present He is!

Later, Faith texted me a picture of her baby. She was much further along than she thought and already knew she was having a little girl. 

“I am excited!” she said.


What if our teams had not been there…not only seven years ago for the writer of the text I had received as I stepped on the sidewalk, but also today? What if there were no churches and people willing to help these young women in the throes of shock and despair? How many lives would be destroyed that were now rejoicing?

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    Beth Burns

    Oh my, now my tears are flowing. Praise God, this is the CHURCH. I am proud to be a part of it.

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    Jason Wofford

    My life may have been changed by that testimony….I am so grateful that I opened this message today. Praise God for you and what you are doing.

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    Kelly Beam

    What a great story, so well written and such true points you made to the young mother. I’m so glad you partner with you all in this!
    I literally live on the other side of the world serving overseas living in support, yet I’m still so happy to be a small part of Love Life’s ministry on the ground in America-the leader on normalizing muster of inconvenient children.
    Every Christian American, regardless of where they live, should be sowing into ministries like this.
    It’s not just the lives you are saving in the ground but the stories you are telling and livdd you are changing through the “word of your testimony”.
    Thanks for reporting what you do As well as you do the actual work.

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    Stacy Blizzard

    What a beautiful testimony of Gods Love and Care. Gods Mercy and Compassion is fresh and new everyday.

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