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What She Heard From the Puplit Was Echoed on the Sidewalk

“I was overwhelmed and then my pastor spoke about abortion…and I knew God was speaking to me.”

Alexis* had received our Love Life Hope is Here pamphlet when she came to Charlotte to abort. She left, choosing life, but initially told no one. She knew she needed help, so she called the number on the back of the brochure and was connected to a Love Life volunteer.

As she shared her story with the volunteer, it was clear that what had started the process of her turning from abortion was a determined and courageous pastor. The moment she found out she was pregnant, she was settling down to watch her church service on-line. Filled with angst and indecision, she listened as the Pastor spoke about abortion! He spoke about why it was wrong and urged his congregation to fight this evil. She knew God was speaking but fought the message.

Over the next few weeks, Alexis made five appointments at the Latrobe abortion center in Charlotte. She cancelled them all. She just couldn’t shake the words spoken by her pastor. But in one last attempt to ignore the voice of truth, she showed up at the abortion center. That’s where she encountered the sidewalk outreach team.

She sat in her car, reading the pamphlet. She listened to them calling out. She remembered the words of her pastor. The truth she heard from him was echoed from the voices on the sidewalk  and in what she read in the pamphlet she received.

“God was speaking the whole time. First through the pastor, then when I met you, then the pamphlet with the scripture and everything. I knew. I knew what I had to do. The signs were everywhere.”

Our Love Life volunteers have talked with thousands of women who are considering abortion. These women are often praying for a sign to choose life. God answers that prayer in many different ways. For those who are supporting this work prayerfully and financially, God is using you to help equip pastors to speak the truth about abortion to their congregations. You are also helping train and equip sidewalk outreach teams to be positioned at the darkest places in cities across the nation. Thank you for your support.

*name changed for privacy