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The Staff and Families of Calvary Chapel Githurai in Nairobi, Kenya

The First House of Refuge Church in Africa

Onesmus Asiago, the Youth Pastor of Calvary Chapel Githurai in Nairobi, Kenya, gazed with sorrow at the teenager’s pregnant belly. How could he help? What could he do? In his community, he knew that unwed mothers did not fare well. Many families took these young women for an abortion, despite it being very taboo in his country. Sure enough, the following week she returned to the youth group obviously no longer pregnant. Onesmus grieved. What was the answer?

And then he heard about Love Life and the House of Refuge churches in the U.S. and Canada which strive to prevent abortion with tangible help and healing for those affected by abortion. A continent away, he proclaimed, “This is the answer! This is what we need to do!” He contacted Love Life and started the process of his church becoming a House of Refuge church. He knew that for his community, the most helpful thing his church could do was provide mentorship to these young women and potentially a place where they could stay. It was an overwhelming problem in his country. But Onesmus was hopeful. He knew God was pointing to the solution.

In 2022, abortion was established as a constitutional right in Kenya so technically, abortion is legal in Kenya, but thankfully it is fairly limited. However, there are no abortion buildings like Planned Parenthood here in the United States. The abortions are obtained in doctor’s offices and hospitals. Because of this, it would be very difficult for the church to do prayer walks in front of these places or for a sidewalk team to intercede. However, as Onesmus recognized, the church is the answer.

Abortion transcends culture and continent. It is everywhere, a scourge on this earth. It destroys human life created by a holy God. Those little image bearers of God are His masterpieces. This worldwide problem can only be solved by the Church. The beauty of the House of Refuge model is that it can work in any culture and in any community where the church that loves Jesus Christ is active.

Onesmus faces a daunting problem, but he is eager. He knows that God has pointed him and all churches to the answer. Last week, his church became the first official House of Refuge church in Kenya. And already across the border in Uganda, another church is working towards that end as well. A worldwide solution to a worldwide problem enacted by the church that loves the God that created this whole wide world.

It costs us about $400 to raise up, train, and equip a House of Refuge church. That’s about $33 a month. With that small investment, the impact is enormous. Lives are saved, hearts are healed from past abortions, and churches all over the world are mobilized to be a place of refuge for abortion-vulnerable families. Would you consider an investment in this initiative to help us reach 1000 House of Refuge churches this year?