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A Christmas Miracle

We met “Mama M” on the sidewalk outside the abortion center just 4 days after Christmas. We had been reaching out to women going in that morning; however, none had stopped to talk. We were getting ready to leave when this beautiful mom entered the parking lot. Apparently, she had been watching us on her way into Planned Parenthood. After her appointment, she told her dad she wanted to talk to the church ladies. She

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Miracle Abound to Choose Life – by Vicky Kaseorg

A car stopped for me as my team ministered on the sidewalk in front of the busiest abortion center in the Southeast. The driver spoke no English. Inexplicably, Google Translator wouldn’t work for me.  I had no choice but to speak in Spanish with my fledgling skills. It was enough to convince the man that he should not give up on his desire to talk his girlfriend out of abortion. He was despondent and dejected

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Three Generations of Sidewalk Outreach – by Vicky Kaseorg

Beth Burns is a co-founder of Abundant Life Ministry in Washington state. She organized our Love Life conference in Washington last year. The goal of the conference was to mobilize and equip churches and volunteers to end the abortion and orphan crisis and to be on Washington sidewalks of abortion centers, offering hope and help to the families on this destructive path. One of the conference attendees was her mother, Genelle. Beth’s 13-year-old daughter, Ella,

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A Wrong Turn That Was Right – by Vicky Kaseorg

The young woman stepped on the mobile ultrasound unit parked in front of the abortion center. She had been following her GPS to the clinic where she would take the life of her unborn child. And then, inexplicably, she took a wrong turn. Instead of a left to the clinic, she took a right…to an RV with the word HELP across its flank.  She stopped for a woman dressed in scrubs, who told her that

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A Heart Changed

“Last Saturday, as I drove to the Durham abortion clinic, I was praying, telling the Lord that although we were grateful to plant so many seeds, would he please send someone who was ready to hear the Word and respond to Christ? While we were talking with a mama, a car drove up. In it was a 19-year-old young man bringing his mom for an abortion. He had five younger brothers and was acting as

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Reversal of Destruction – by Vicky Kaseorg

A young woman heard our Love Life sidewalk outreach team calling out about Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). She was sobbing. She had regretted swallowing the pill the moment she did so. As soon as she drove home, she googled APR and called the hotline. The nurse and I hurried to the HELP Monroe Pregnancy center to meet her and begin the APR protocol. She was still crying, as she had been for the past three

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Could Not Have Done It Without the Church – by Vicky Kaseorg

Double Duty as Sidewalk Counselor and Mentor Debbie was a sidewalk counselor before Cities4Life merged with Love Life. Three years ago, I contacted her when a mom chose life who lived in her area and asked if she would consider mentoring the mom. I knew Debbie was connected with a great church and thought they would be perfect to help this struggling woman. Debbie agreed. Her church, ARP of Gastonia, would become one of Love

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Satan Thwarted Attempting to Destroy A Family

One of Love Life’s House of Refuge churches contacted one of our sidewalk outreach team members—me. They told me that there was a young lady who a member of the church heard about who is considering abortion. The friend of the church member had been in touch with her and told us that she would be willing to talk to one of our sidewalk outreach people. I gave them my name and number and urged

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Larry, City Director San Bernardino, California

Two major tragedies happened in my family that caused me to ask the question, “What is the meaning of Life?” The answer to that question led me to repentance and belief in CHRIST as my Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, I was a part of the problem. In my early 20’s, I counseled my girlfriend to get an abortion. After the fact, I knew that was wrong. The abortion occurred in BC…Before Christ days. No excuses!

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Michele and Jeremiah: City Directors Fayetteville, NC

In Michele’s words: Testimony: When I moved from upstate New York to Raleigh, NC, a co-worker invited me to Summit church in Raleigh.  I knew of God but never heard the gospel message about being saved. Where I was from, everyone I knew believed when anyone dies, they all go to heaven. This was one of many false beliefs.  I began attending Summit a few days a week as well as serving there on the worship

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Sarah, City Director Central Pennsylvania

Brief Testimony I was raised in the church and God’s Word, but I truly came to know the Lord at 15 years old. I had an encounter with God that revealed to me my true need for a Savior and the reality of the Gospel. I was set free from anxiety and began to experience a true love for God’s Word and passion for the gospel.  I went on to Bible School after high school and

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Jennifer, Love Life Missionary Alabama

Tell me your story of how you came to the Lord and to care so deeply about the issue of abortion. I was entering what I thought was going to be my “empty nest” season of life, so I devoted 21 days of prayer and fasting to asking the Lord to align my heart with what mattered to Him and to lead me into the ministry of His choosing. A few weeks later, my husband

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