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The Church Rallies Around a Foster Family – by Vicky Kaseorg

Dustin and Hannah Wilson were only 20 and 21 years old, a young married couple when God put on their hearts to foster two young girls. One was just a baby. Hannah said they knew nothing about raising children. She said they were a “handful,” and there were hard times,  but she and Dustin loved them deeply. She said it was a challenge, but one they were able to meet because of the church rallying around them. Ultimately they

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A Refuge for a Mom in Despair – by Vicky Kaseorg

A few days ago, a woman wrote to us, knowing that we often get donations of things that moms might need. She had chosen life in 2020 and then given birth to a child with significant disability. However, she loved that child who was not expected to live at all but survived for a year and a half. The mother was devastated when her precious baby died.For a long time, she struggled, wondering why God would have allowed

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Count the Cost – Bo Linam

As Life Ride has kicked off and the first few hundred miles have passed underneath the pedals of Pastor Jay, many are inspired, and many are watching and praying in encouragement for this colossal endeavor. But most have not stopped to think about the cost that was counted before Life Ride began in California. Pastor Jay was given a mission by God many years ago to ride across America for the Kingdom but being obedient

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Redeemed – by Vicky Kaseorg

I love this photo for what it represents. I am finally home from an amazing time in Chicago, encouraging and training our Chicago teams. Our plane home was canceled, but my luggage already left without us somehow…so I slept in and wore the same clothes for two days. I made it home just in time to shower and dash out to our Love Life Donor celebration, where I was the designated face painter for eager

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A Double Blessing

A few weeks ago, our Love Life Riverside Team had just finished a prayer walk in front of the Riverside Planned Parenthood. Our Sidewalk Outreach Team remained after the prayer walk ended to continue sharing the gospel and local resources with families in need. They were calling out, offering help, when Mama S arrived for her abortion appointment. On her way in, she quickly uttered an anxiety-ridden prayer, “Please, God, help me. Send me something.”

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Hope is Here – by Vicky Kaseorg

While encouraging and training our Fayetteville sidewalk outreach team, I was privileged to see a miracle. We were calling out to a couple who had parked in the back lot of the abortion center. The woman started walking to the clinic front door, but then listening to our words of hope and help, she veered straight to me. I asked her what situation brought her here, and told her whatever she faced, God would not

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God’s Word Does Not Return Void – Vicky Kaseorg

Yesterday was one of those days that I made a conscious sacrifice to the Lord. I knew the forecast was for high winds, rain, possible tornado, and thunderstorms. I was not supposed to be on the sidewalk that day and was glad for that when I read the weather report. However, I felt God telling me I should be there. So, I went. The weather report was accurate. It rained for most of the three

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The Power of Ultrasound and Scripture – by Vicky Kaseorg

People often tell us as we minister to women on the sidewalks of abortion centers that we need to tone down the message of God. They feel that too much religion turns people off. I might have even agreed with them in my early years as a Christian. Too much spirituality made me uncomfortable. I have changed. In the ten-plus years of sidewalk outreach, time and time again, I have seen the power of scripture

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God’s Miraculous Intervention

Last Saturday, our South Florida team had an incredible opportunity to minister to a mom during the prayer walk! The young woman said she believed in God and was attending church but was in a relationship with a guy she knew wasn’t right. She was ashamed when she learned she was pregnant and planned to end the relationship and have an abortion. When she arrived for her ultrasound, she mistakenly went to a pregnancy resource

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An Unexpected Encouragement

Our team had faced a discouraging day ministering on the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood. There were no known saved babies, and one woman who had the abortion was obviously incapacitated by it. Just as the team was preparing to leave, a woman walking down the street stopped to talk with them. Nearly two decades ago, she had been brought to an abortion center against her will. Her parents told her she had to abort. She

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A Christmas Miracle

We met “Mama M” on the sidewalk outside the abortion center just 4 days after Christmas. We had been reaching out to women going in that morning; however, none had stopped to talk. We were getting ready to leave when this beautiful mom entered the parking lot. Apparently, she had been watching us on her way into Planned Parenthood. After her appointment, she told her dad she wanted to talk to the church ladies. She

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Miracle Abound to Choose Life – by Vicky Kaseorg

A car stopped for me as my team ministered on the sidewalk in front of the busiest abortion center in the Southeast. The driver spoke no English. Inexplicably, Google Translator wouldn’t work for me.  I had no choice but to speak in Spanish with my fledgling skills. It was enough to convince the man that he should not give up on his desire to talk his girlfriend out of abortion. He was despondent and dejected

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