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Pastor Jay and his wife Melanie with Dominic and Haley

LifeRide Romance

What God did through LifeRide in 2023 was amazing. There are so many stories we could tell.  Churches were mobilized, lives were saved, and entire families were impacted. But would you believe that through the simple obedience of a pastor willing to ride a bike across the U.S. a romance would blossom and a family would begin? You will be blessed and encouraged by Dominic and Haley’s story:

“I moved to my new hometown of Walnut Creek in 2021. Naturally, I tried out a few new churches but hadn’t found the right fit. The following March, on a Sunday, I was going out of town to visit my grandmother when I found out she wasn’t feeling well. Now staying in town, I pulled my car over and pondered where to go to church. I recalled a recent Google search. With no prior intention, I headed over.

They announced Love Life would be presenting that day. “Love Life, a pro-life ministry?” I thought. “God, why did you bring me here today?” Having known the Lord only a couple of years, I avoided the issue of abortion. I had taken a friend to get one years earlier, but I hadn’t had one myself. Was the baby’s life really more important than the hardship the mom would endure? My previous church had taken a stand for life, but I hadn’t been ready to repent. With this happenstance appointment, I knew God was finally calling me to. I didn’t take action right away, but for the next 7 weeks, the Lord stirred in my heart.

Finally, in early May, I opened my email to find an announcement about Life Ride. I like to ride and it had been on my mind, following a rainy season. I watched a video from Pastor Jay and from Justin of Love Life. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You need to start a team.” “What? Why? I don’t even care about this.” “Start a team,” he repeated. “Why?” I asked. “I’m going to use it to change your heart, and to spark a fire in the Bay Area.” Little did I know, there were plenty of hearts already burning. Nonetheless, I started a team. A few friends and family members joined our team, United Baybies. We took rides all over the Bay Area and raised a couple thousand dollars. Moreover, the Lord kept his promise and changed my heart!

A couple of weeks after starting our team, Sophia, our City Director, contacted me. She taught me a lot over that first coffee and invited me to some rides of her own. On one of those rides, I met a young man, Dominic, a Sidewalk Counselor. “A young, single guy interceding on the sidewalk for babies and moms? What kind of strange man would do that?” I thought. As I would come to learn, one who was truly on fire for the Lord and desired to serve him with his whole heart. Shortly after, in June, Dominic pursued me. We started courting in July, were engaged in August, and married in October. Now, we are expecting a baby of our own!

This is our ministry, and we love it. We didn’t join this ministry because we were born on fire for the Lord or for babies, but because our Father called us to it and we were obedient. Since joining, my faith has deepened immeasurably because of the people I have met and the work they do. We are honored to serve. Only God can write a story such as this, and we trust that through this ministry, he will write many more.”

What an amazing story the Lord has written in the lives of Haley and Dominic. We believe that the ripple effect of LifeRide will only be fully realized in eternity. You as well can be a part of “The Ride That Can Change History!”. Click below to start a team, join a team, or donate to support the cause. If you’re interested in being a corporate sponsor of this event please email ([email protected]).