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A Double Blessing

A few weeks ago, our Love Life Riverside Team had just finished a prayer walk in front of the Riverside Planned Parenthood. Our Sidewalk Outreach Team remained after the prayer walk ended to continue sharing the gospel and local resources with families in need.

They were calling out, offering help, when Mama S arrived for her abortion appointment. On her way in, she quickly uttered an anxiety-ridden prayer, “Please, God, help me. Send me something.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she heard our counselors sharing about God’s purpose and plan for her baby over the microphone. It broke her. She got out of the car and spoke with them in tears, telling them what she had just prayed and that she was pregnant with twins. She shared how she felt forced to abort due to family circumstances and feeling alone.

The sidewalk team shared about the help we could offer and connected her with one of our Mentor Coordinators, Jess, who arranged an appointment for the following week with Riverside Life Services (A Pregnancy Resource Center). She left the abortion center, choosing LIFE that day!

Jess invited her to attend church with her family the next day, which happened to be Resurrection Sunday.

When she arrived at church, she couldn’t believe how much love she felt and was so moved by the kindness of everyone around her.

During the service, the Holy Spirit pierced her heart, and the words spoken at the end of the sermon took away all the excuses she had been thinking about. When it came time for the altar call, she leaned over to Jess and said, “Should I go?” Jess replied, “What do you think you should do?” “I should go. I want to go!” Mama S said.

She chose eternal life in Christ just one day after choosing life for her twins! The next morning she got to see her babies at the ultrasound appointment with Jess by her side, and she reaffirmed the commitments that she had made over the last few days.


She continues to attend church regularly and has been so encouraged by the support of Love Life, local pregnancy resource centers, and her church family walking alongside her! Please continue to pray for Mama S!

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