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When the Church Shows Up – by Vicky Kaseorg

Our team was just gathering in the cool morning. Several women had already entered the abortion center. As always, our team called out to each one of them, offering the hope and help of the local church. Suddenly, the manager of the abortion center sprinted out of the call center which is next door to the abortion center. He hurried into the abortion center.

I noticed a whole group of pastors and church members had gathered on the adjacent Love Life property. They were grouped in a circle praying and reading scripture. The presence of the church praising God and petitioning His guidance and intervention in this place of darkness was a wonderful encouragement to our team.


There was a brief lull. And then the side door of the abortion center swung open again. A woman in scrubs, clearly one of the abortion workers, was screaming and swearing. I could not make out the words. It was probably a gift of God that I could not.

Another abortion worker also emerged, trying to calm the first worker down. The manager then emerged, and he seemed to be attempting to shoo the women off the property. Obviously the angry woman had erupted over something that had happened in the abortion center. My guess from her rapid flight out the door is that she had just quit.

As she stampeded to her car, I called out to her about, the ministry that helps abortion workers find other jobs. She glanced at me briefly, got in her car, and slammed the door. It is a good thing I was not standing in the driveway because she peeled out of the parking lot at about fifty miles an hour, and squealed around the corner. 

Silence settled as my other teammates hurried over to insure I was ok. They thought all the screaming was directed at me. For once, it was not.

It was a cause for rejoicing, however. It certainly appeared that yet another abortion worker had quit. If there are no abortion workers, there are no abortions! This is the second one in a month that has quit! The first one just texted me that morning, excited about a new job that will be starting soon. She told me that she looks forward to the Bible verse emails I send every morning. She said that she is trusting God, and growing in the Lord by leaps and bounds since leaving the abortion center. She is looking forward to a mentor and being discipled in the Lord.

As I watched the car disappear around the corner, I heard singing. The Church prayer group was raising their voices in worship to God. It is not only saved babies that restore our souls in this ministry! We are so blessed by the church recognizing that they are pivotal in this struggle for LIFE.

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