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What Saved Me Can Save Others – by Vicky Kaseorg

Six years ago, Jamie came to abort her baby. She was in an abusive marriage with a drug addict and knew she needed to escape. Her mother had just been diagnosed with cancer. She had just lost her job because of the pregnancy. She had other children to care for. Later, she learned her placenta was abrupting, the result of being slammed to the ground by her husband. She saw no answer for the confluence of catastrophes other than to abort her child.

Our team was on the sidewalk. At that time, Love Life had not yet formed. The sidewalk ministry was Cities4Life. We gave her literature, and called out the truth about God, the humanity of the baby, and the many resources we had. Jamie sat in her car crying for a while, and then came to us. She came on the HELP Monroe mobile ultrasound RV, where she saw her baby and discovered she was due sometime right around Christmas. When she saw her precious child on the ultrasound, her heart melted. She knew  she could not kill her baby  but she did not know what she was going to do. We shared the gospel and she recommitted her life to Jesus. We rallied around her, sharing resources, maternity clothes, and hope!

That was the beginning of miraculous changes in her life. She won her case for unlawful job termination against her employer. She got a new and better job. Her mother made it successfully through the cancer treatment. Her ex-husband was put in jail. Her amazing Ob/Gyn prescribed progesterone and her placenta was healed. And about a year or so later, she met her new husband. He loved her children, God, and her. She began speaking out forcibly against abortion and for women to seek God above all else.

The baby was born to our joy and delight, named Gabriel in honor of the angel heralding our Savior’s birth. Jamie was given an incredibly lavish baby shower through Truth and Mercy Pro-life ministries. Cities4Life merged with Love Life and Jamie followed and supported us, ever grateful for the help that the churches involved in this ministry had provided. I remained friends with her over the years and she even came to speak at Love Life Prayer walks, sharing her testimony.

She recently had her first child with her new husband, and they bought their first house. Meanwhile she watched the growth of Love Life, and asked me if she could be a part of it. Despite living an hour and a half away, she recently came for her first training session on the sidewalk as a Love Life sidewalk counselor. Her deep desire is to share her testimony and speak to women who are contemplating abortion as she once was. She wants to tell them that if she could choose life and follow God, anybody could.

I was on the HELP mobile ultrasound RV counseling two other women about God, the humanity of the baby, and the help of the local church when Jamie came for her training.  As soon as I was done, I hurried to the sidewalk to hug her and to say hello.

I was not at all surprised to see her engaged in an intelligent and logical discussion with the pro abortion crowd, at least from her side. She defended not only the mission of Love Life and how much they help vulnerable women, but also her personal story about how much we had helped her.         


Despite a very busy life with four children, a full-time job, a new husband, and a new home, she recently returned to school. She is studying sonography. One day, she hopes to provide ultrasounds in front of the abortion center.  She dreams of helping others just like those who helped her and saved her son’s life.


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