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What a Post-Roe Sidewalk Counselor Sees

We rejoiced when Roe V Wade was overturned. This was a huge relief to the pro-life community. Our nation no longer defined a constitutional right to abortion. The abortion battle returned to the state legislators. For some states, that meant existing state laws could now ban abortion. For some states, like mine, nothing changed legally.

However, there ARE changes.

The pro-abortion crowd on the sidewalk protesting our presence has grown larger, with several visits initially by new people. The new people showed up with hand made signs and looked bewildered. They never stayed long, and I did not see them return. I think most people are appalled at what the pro-abortion crowd does to silence those who are offering help to the women in vulnerable pregnancies. Some people think they are “pro-choice” but have never really examined the issue. They have never heard the truth of the development and humanity of the pre-born child. They have never examined the scripture that supports the value and protection of human life from conception to natural death. I watched their faces as they listened to our counselors speak. Some looked ashamed, and crept back to their cars.

The sad but largest change is the numbers of those seeking abortion. Neighboring states have stricter limits or bans that can now be enforced. Our state has become an abortion Mecca. An average day at the abortion center where I minister used to be around 30-40 abortions a day. That has nearly doubled on many days. Overflow parking lots are often filled now. The number of cars arriving from out of state often surpass in-state arrivals.  The sheer horror of all those people killing babies in a single day is hard to endure.

So how do we endure?

We know first and foremost that the issue of abortion is a spiritual issue and must be fought by spiritual means. Prayer. Repentance, The Gospel. The mobilization and equipping of the Church. We know we are there in obedience to God’s call. We know the battle is His, and while we are called to show up and speak, the results belong to Him.

And then there are the babies saved.

Last week, a mother came to the HELP Pregnancy Center mobile ultrasound unit, parked in front of the abortion center. As the Love Life counselor aboard the mobile unit, offering the help of the church to mentor and walk alongside women who choose life, I had the privilege of hearing her story.

Years ago, she had come for an abortion. She heard our counselors calling out and offering help. She heard a voice in her head urging her not to kill her baby. She came aboard the mobile ultrasound unit and chose life. She was appointed a mentor who with the backing of her church, walked alongside her and helped with many needs. The Gospel was shared, and she saw the love of Jesus through His people as they helped her. As the years passed, she had other children. Each time, she returned to the mobile ultrasound unit knowing they would help her. Last week, she came aboard again. Her situation had changed and become more dire, yet she never considered abortion since that first baby long ago when she met us. We again offered hope and help through the Love Life partnering churches. The ultrasound of her child filled the screen and as always, brought tears to my eyes.

There is so much work left to do. So many hearts and minds to be challenged and hopefully changed back to God and to LIFE. However, I am encouraged. Watching that little baby on the ultrasound raise his tiny fist in the womb felt like a rallying cry to the Church.


“I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.”Matthew‬ 16:18‬ ‬‬‬‬

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