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Week 40 Central PA – by Sarah Boeke

When most people think of Lancaster County, PA, they envision Amish farms, freshly churned butter, and rolling grassy hills. What most people don’t expect is Planned Parenthood establishing a facility right in Lancaster City to push its agenda and offer abortions to all the women who call Lancaster home. Lancaster has an interesting history with Planned Parenthood. In 1998, Planned Parenthood attempted to open a clinic offering abortions but faced significant pushback from churches and local pro-life politicians. They successfully ended Planned Parenthood’s abortion attempts due to zoning laws at their previous location and failure to gain a transfer agreement with a local hospital, a rule required by the state health department.

Fast forward more than 20 years, and Planned Parenthood is now attempting once more to perform abortions in the county. Many believers are pushing back and calling local hospitals to voice their disagreement with any partnership with Planned Parenthood. But more importantly, believers are gathering for prayer to petition our heavenly King to halt all evil plans and to expose the lies that Planned Parenthood so deceptively veils. We know that the church must publicly and boldly pray and declare the truth of God’s Word in the face of such darkness.


At our Week 40 Celebrate Life prayer walk here in Central PA, we had over 200 people show up to walk and pray at Lancaster’s new Planned Parenthood. This was our first-ever prayer walk in Lancaster City and our first official week 40!


We also had ten local pastors join us, with some leading in prayer. This was a huge encouragement to everyone attending! We are so grateful for them and others who wanted to be there but could not attend.

Many hearts were touched throughout the morning. One mother who attended told our team that it was so powerful, and she cried throughout the event. Our prayer was that people would not simply come for this one morning and then move on with their lives but that they would be genuinely touched by God’s love that would move them to action. It was very encouraging to see the body of Christ in Lancaster County united against what we know God hates – the shedding of innocent blood. For most people there, this was their first-ever prayer walk, but we believe it won’t be their last! Everyone who drove or walked by Planned Parenthood that morning could clearly see God’s people interceding on behalf of everyone who will be affected by this facility’s demonic agenda.


Our little Love Life team here is closing the year full of gratitude for what God has done and is continuing to do. We work alongside Him and watch as He does what man cannot accomplish. Thank you to everyone who attended here and across the nation. Your presence was needed and was not in vain. Until next year, grace and peace.

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