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Unity of the Body – by Vicky Kaseorg

A woman who chose life three years ago in Charlotte contacted me. She was in tears. She rarely asked Love Life for anything, but she was desperate. She was struggling to get by, doing her best to work, provide for herself and her now 3-year-old child, and remain obedient to God. She currently lives in one of the poorest areas in the nation. Nonetheless, she was working and (barely) making ends meet.

When we met her three years ago, she was ready to abort that little girl. She had no support and her boyfriend dumped her as soon as he found out she was pregnant. She told me her aunt would kick her out of the home if she were ever to become pregnant. She was living with the aunt in Charlotte, trying to claw her way out of the gripping poverty of her hometown. She had no choice but to abort.

When I counseled her and shared the Gospel, not only did she choose life for her daughter, but she submitted her life to the Lord. She went home to tell the aunt, who promptly disowned her and kicked her out.

Her family and hometown were in South Dakota. She had no money to return to them, nothing but the clothes on her back, and little money. She called me from the bus station where she was spending the night. She had enough money (barely) for the bus back to South Dakota. She had no money for food, nor a sweater, though it was winter. I immediately picked her up and brought her to my home to sleep. Then I contacted the ministry and supporters. We raised funds not only to feed and clothe her but to provide a cushion for finding work once she reached South Dakota. That happened while she slept, praise God.

She cried when I told her what we could provide. She returned to South Dakota, wearing a warm coat we bought her, and began rebuilding her life. She remained faithful to God. A fund-raising drive provided her with a room FILLED with boxes of diapers that would get her through almost two years!

This time when she called, she was crying not from joy but from anguish. The wonderful young man she had been dating had become very sick. While trying to nurse him to health, she could not work and was fired. His health deteriorated rapidly, and she took him to the hospital. He had been the one that had helped her with her daughter while she worked. The doctors immediately diagnosed leukemia so serious, that he was flown that day to a hospital six hours away. 

My poor friend wanted desperately to go to him. He was all alone, in danger of dying, with no family or friends. However, her car may or may not make it, and if it did make the six-hour drive, she only had enough gas to get to him. She did not have enough money for gas to return home, or to buy food, or to get a hotel.

“Where will you sleep?” I asked.

“My daughter and I will sleep in my car,” she said.

We did not have any contacts near her. No House of Refuge church. No sidewalk teams. No mentors. What could I do? How could I first verify her story, and then get her to the boyfriend safely?

“Where is the hospital he is at?” I asked.

“Denver,” she told me.

DENVER!!!!! We have a Love Life team in Denver, eager and ready to help moms in need! First, I contacted Love Life to be sure our team in Denver could offer gas/food/lodging to this mom. Then I contacted the Denver director, Michelle. Within moments, her team was excited and ready. Contact info was shared. The hospital and story were verified. AND the director’s husband works on cars. He would be able to be sure the car would make it home. 


Michelle would also find out the most pressing needs. Her team would help this young lady. They would not only provide the emotional support she so needed at this time but would find out what tangible help was needed. They were willing and ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

When moms call me in desperate need, which happens often, I no longer panic. God ALWAYS provides His people at just the right time in just the right place. The mission of Love Life to unite and mobilize the church was being played out before my eyes, and a sweet young woman who had wondered why God had abandoned her realized He HAD NOT.

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. 

Philippians 4:19 

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