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The Power of Conviction – by Vicky Kaseorg

Sometimes we are hesitant to do what God has called us to do because of the intensity of the opposition. I know of pastors who will not speak against abortion from the pulpit because they fear the backlash of those in their congregation who have experienced abortion in their past. I understand the desire to speak the gospel without calling out specific sin. However, part of the mission of Love Life is to encourage and equip the church to lovingly and truthfully address this very significant blight on our country. Approximately 1 million babies a year die from abortion. A large percentage of those babies have parents who claim to be Christian. The church simply cannot remain silent on this issue.

Our sidewalk outreach team was on the sidewalk of the abortion center as always the day before Thanksgiving. We had many opportunities to call out to the men and women streaming in to kill their babies right before the holiday where we give thanks to God for his blessings. 

We all took turns faithfully calling out to a very angry man. The woman was mocking us, and the man was openly screaming at us. He was foul and vile, obviously very angry at our presence there. However, for the entire morning, he heard us speak biblical truth with offers of help. 

As the morning progressed, he became less and less vocal. Finally towards the end, he fell silent, listening.

When his girlfriend emerged, likely having had the abortion, she looked very sad. She was no longer mocking us. As he drove out of the driveway with her beside him, head down, he paused as our counselor called out to him one last time, “We have help for you.“ 


Without a trace of anger or derision, he smiled sadly at her and said, “No, thank you.“

Later that day, I got a call from a mom who had been at the abortion center. She was still on the fence regarding abortion and asked what kind of help we offered. I told her, and then asked her if we could talk more on Friday after the holiday. She said she would appreciate that. 

She told me she was asking for a friend, but also wanted to know if we helped post-abortive women. I assured her we did, but also reminded her that God would never have her take her child’s life and our desire was to help her feel she could move forward without taking the life of her baby. I promised the church was ready to help.

I don’t know if it was the woman who was with the angry man, but I do think it’s a possibility. So many times the ones who revile us and are angriest in the beginning are the ones who turn to us and to God in the end. There is no doubt the conviction of the spirit was strong on that couple. 

I paint this story for you in hopes that it would encourage pastors and church members alike to not shrink back from speaking about the devastation of abortion, and how the church is willing to step up and help those who are considering such a desperate option. You never know when conviction of the Holy Spirit will transform and soften a heart… And perhaps save a baby.

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