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The Perfect Sign of God – by Vicky Kaseorg

One of the men on our Wednesday sidewalk team was all alone on the sidewalk when a woman was about to pull into the abortion center. The women outreach members were all caught in traffic and had not yet arrived. Scott was there alone.

“Hey,” he called out to the woman, “You do not have to do this. We are here offering hope and help.” That was all it took for the woman to pull over, sobbing.

Scott reminded her about what she already knew. God would not have her kill her child. Yes, no matter what she faced, we had resources through Love Life ministry and network churches to help her. She did not need to be alone in this struggle.

He called me on the phone since he was not familiar with the scope of resources or how to connect the woman with a mentor. It was clear that this young lady was not really looking for help but just a reminder that God was with her….and there was someone in her corner. She needed to hear that she did not have to walk this path alone. The church would be with her.

I asked her if she had other children. She did. A daughter. 

“What is your daughter’s name?” I asked.


I smiled. Scott smiled. 

“Do you know what your daughter’s name means?” I asked.

“No, tell me!”

“It means LIFE!”

She began crying and laughing and shouted with joy how much that meant to her. She had never known but how perfect it would be revealed to her NOW…at this pivotal moment.

“If you did not already believe God was giving you a sign of what to choose today, do you think THIS is a sign?” I asked.

“It is,” she cried. “It surely is!! I just chose that name because it was pretty. I had no idea what it meant.”

I signed her up for a mentor over the phone, getting all the information I needed. I shared the many resources that we could offer. The whole time, Scott crouched by her car after making an appointment with a nearby Pregnancy Resource Center for her to see her baby on an ultrasound. He prayed with her and sent her off with directions to the appointment. This one was an appointment with LIFE.

If Scott had not been there, I am sure that baby would be dead. Instead, this young mother, who felt all alone, was now surrounded by people eager to help her. Most importantly, she saw the hand of God reach down and clasp her hand. 

Scott made sure to send her to the ultrasound with a tiny fetal model that she could bring home and show Zoey…the big sister whose name helped her mama choose Life for her sibling. 

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