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The Church Rallies Around a Foster Family – by Vicky Kaseorg

Dustin and Hannah Wilson were only 20 and 21 years old, a young married couple when God put on their hearts to foster two young girls. One was just a baby. Hannah said they knew nothing about raising children. She said they were a “handful,” and there were hard times,  but she and Dustin loved them deeply. She said it was a challenge, but one they were able to meet because of the church rallying around them. Ultimately they adopted the children, who are now happy teenagers. 

They couldn’t have done it without the church.

One church member became an adopted grandmother to the children. The Wilson’s own family lived far away and were not able to be there on a regular basis. That sweet woman from their church community became family for the Wilsons when they sorely needed family nearby.

Additionally, their church was supportive in bringing needed supplies, food, and respite.

The Wilsons acknowledge that it truly does take a community to help young families, and the church should be that community. This is the reason that Life Ride seeks to raise 1000 new House of Refuge churches! The answer to the abortion crisis is a mobilized church rising to meet the needs of this vulnerable population.

A well-trained and equipped church can change the outcome for struggling families. 

Dustin and Hannah went on to recently become City Directors of Love Life Triad covering Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC. Now, they work to raise up House of Refuge churches in their area that will be the community to women in unplanned pregnancies that was so critical for them as they fostered and adopted their two girls.

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