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Tami’s Testimony – Love Life Ventura, CA

I came to the Lord at 7 years old. Jesus was very near to me prior to that, so I really felt like I always knew Him. When the pastor gave the altar call, I was up and out of my seat so fast. I was sitting in the church balcony with my parents, and upon the call, I went down to the front and met the pastor to receive the Lord. The following Sunday, I was water baptized. Having a prayer warrior grandmother has absolutely guided my path. I’ve been blessed to come from a family of Christianity modeled well. 

I care so deeply about abortion because, first and foremost, I know that all the children belong to Him at the moment He breathes life into the womb! Having a child is a miracle from above! It wrecks me to think about any child being tragically dismembered. My heart also breaks for the moms and dads that have no idea what they are really doing to their own children and to their own souls. 

We have lost two children, one to an auto accident that caused me to miscarry, and the other child to a cord death in the delivery room. Both were devastating but especially the loss of our daughter, who was born and died on her due date. 

He has given great compassion for people, all people. Love God, love people is deeply intertwined in my heart. God has given me leadership abilities that I love using for Kingdom work. I graduated in business and have had years and years of entrepreneurial experience. God has also allowed me to refine my abilities through leading other ministries before this. I truly love serving people, helping others, and, mostly, aligning myself with Kingdom work which is the most rewarding of all. 

God put a call on my life in 2019 to lead a new ministry. I didn’t know what the ministry was going to be, but He asked me if my answer was Yes, and it was. Shortly after that, I saw the movie Unplanned. It had just been released. The next day, I went out to the sidewalks to do something to stop the greatest tragedy of our day. I learned the ropes from the Catholic brothers and sisters and quickly observed that there were few Evangelicals on the sidewalks standing in the gap. I realized one task in front of me was to help bring awareness to our churches. I started a group which I named Stand In Love. From there, my wonderful pastor let me show Unplanned at our church, and that kicked off sixty sign-ups to join the group. Stand In Love became our church’s pro-life group. I worked hard to build it up and build out teams and pro-life efforts in our City. 

Last year, I heard about Love Life from Seth Gruber. He asked me if I would consider joining and leading Love Life since I was already doing pro-life work at our church and in our City. It was a natural fit to say yes, and what a joy it has been to continue building our county for the sake of Life! God continues to call up new recruits in our county. We are all new friends, but it feels like forever family. 

My hopes, goals, and dreams are to continue to pound the pavement to spread the truth about life in the womb and its miraculous God-designed beauty. I believe if we can turn around the lies of the cultural narrative, which has slapped a label of “reproductive rights” over the truth of an indescribable miracle of life in the womb, abortion will end. The demand for it will be gone. That is my dream.

I desire to continue speaking this God-given passion to people to join Love Life. I want to continue building our teams here to reach more people and pastors, to saturate our county with the truth using the strategies of Love Life, and help our neighboring large counties launch Love Life as well. Our neighboring counties are already reaching out to us, mostly pastors, which is extremely exciting.

I also dream about adding an element of speaking righteous, pure-thinking to our youth. Through Love Life, our team has been asked to speak, and we have noticed that the young people have no idea why it’s important to live life seeking purity. The “why” for them is unanswered… which is a result of the indoctrination of our public schools removing God. 

Another dream is to encourage and assist someone in starting a Christian-run daycare here so we can help the moms who have chosen life with daytime care. The moms need assistance watching their children while they go to work during the day. Our missionaries here are trying to help with that, but we now have several children that need care. The daycare would be a wonderful opportunity to teach the Word of God and Christian hymns to the young ones while the moms are at work. 

Highlights thus far in this ministry have been the saved babies!!! Another major highlight has been seeing moms and dads who have gone through an abortion be “set free” through the power of Jesus and become sidewalk advocates. Also, seeing this fire catch in pastors’ hearts and then hearing their pro-life message to their congregation has been extremely rewarding!!! Having pastors from other counties ask us to come share Love Life with them is just an unreal feeling. 

Struggles include the spiritual warfare surrounding this type of ministry. Prayer and fasting have shown us much breakthrough which helps tear down the warfare. Another struggle is seeing moms go through with the abortion and coming out of the clinic emotionally wrecked. It’s equally heartbreaking seeing a mom’s heart hardened and not caring that she just had an abortion. 

There are many dynamics to this ministry happening every day. I am in complete awe of what God is doing here and how He is answering the years of prayers sewn in before Love Life was launched in our county. We’ve been able to onboard four salaried missionaries just from local funds raised. We have several volunteer missionaries as well that do a tremendous amount of work stepping into the gap. I am very grateful for the fire that has started here and is spreading to our surrounding counties, which desperately need the voice of truth! 

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