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When the World Makes No Sense – by Vicky Kaseorg

I had walked up the street to try and encourage abortion-minded women to stop and speak with me before reaching the fracas at the entrance to the abortion center. There were two construction workers leaning against their truck right where I was going to position myself. They asked me right away what was going on down the street.  I told them it was the busiest abortion center in the Southeast. They were shocked.  “Tucked away

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The Church Uniting to Save a Baby – by Vicky Kaseorg

Our team was on the sidewalk at the SE busiest abortion center which has gotten much busier as surrounding states have banned abortion with Roe v. Wade being overturned. A car from Tennessee pulled into the parking lot. Our incredible team called out to the man and woman as they sat in the car. The woman stepped out of the car right in front of me. I called out to her, but she indicated she

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Britani’s Story

Hello. My name is Britani. I am 18 years old. Last year, I met Misty, a sidewalk counselor, in front of the abortion clinic. I went there to abort my daughter. I went because I felt I had no other choice. After some difficult childhood things, I found myself looking for love and safety. I began to sneak around with a boy. He made me feel safe and loved, and before long, we became intimate.

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How to Engage Your Heart on the Sidewalk…and leave the sorrow behind – by Vicky Kaseorg

Three times this week, Love Life volunteers asked me the same question. How do we fully engage in the terrible suffering and battles of the sidewalk, and leave all the grief and casualties behind when our shift ends? It is a very important question and one to which those of us who have been in the battle for years have had to find an answer.  No one can be an effective sidewalk counselor without a

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Jamie’s Story

The following is a testimony from a young lady our sidewalk counselors encountered several years ago. Her story is among the most amazing I have heard in my ten years serving in sidewalk outreach ministry. I know you will be as amazed and inspired by Jamie as I am. *** Hello! My name is Jamie. I met Vicky, a sidewalk counselor, 7 yrs ago because I came here to abort my son. I came because

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Today is the Day of Salvation – by Vicky Kaseorg

There are days when we see no visible fruit from our efforts on the sidewalk in front of abortion centers. Then, there are days like this Tuesday when two babies were saved, three women submitted their lives to the Lord in front of the abortion center, and one abortion worker not only submitted her life to Jesus but asked for help from us in preparing to quit her job there. We have already initiated that

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