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Sent by God – by Vicky Kaseorg

Rocio has been a sidewalk outreach volunteer on Bleeker Street in Manhattan for the past three years. She was excited to be counseling abortion determined mothers on the week 40 prayer walk finale. One Hispanic couple walked by her, heading to the abortion center. They paused as she asked if they were there for an appointment. They initially denied any intention to abort, but then the full story poured out of the distraught woman. 

Her husband and she were political refugees. They were homeless and had been in a shelter and then a hotel since July. The room was one small room with two beds for them and their three children. How could they bring another baby into this uncertain situation? They had little idea of how to navigate the immigrant system, and no case worker had been assigned to them. They had nothing but the clothes on their backs. The husband worked four days a week, but little else was available since he was undocumented.

Rocio, who is Hispanic herself, was able to share the truth of what God says about the precious life of that baby. She offered the help of the church, showed pictures of babies in the womb, and then a photo of an abortion victim. She gave her word that Love Life would help the family. Then she prayed with them.

The woman, Mabel, began to cry, her heart softened by the prayer. She told Rocio she knew she should keep the baby. With tears, she now agreed she would do so. Overjoyed, Rocio invited the couple to join the prayer walk back to a church. There would be fellowship and food! The little family agreed. Mabel wept the entire walk to the church.


At the church, Rocio gave them diapers and a gift bag. The little family ate with the prayer walkers, overcome by the kindness of strangers. Later that night, Rocio brought them dinner, bought through donations of friends of the ministry. They were overwhelmed by the love of the people of Love Life. 


Through the ministry network, Rocio was able to bring them groceries and clothes over the next few days. She began helping the husband to find more work. She connected them with a refugee lawyer that would guide them in their next steps. She promised they would be appointed a Love Life Mentor who would continue to work with them and help them through the local church.


That night, Mabel called her pastor and admitted what she had almost done. She told him about these incredibly loving people who had stopped her and offered so much help. The pastor told her, “These people were sent by God. Praise God for them.”

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