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Sarah, City Director Central Pennsylvania

Brief Testimony

I was raised in the church and God’s Word, but I truly came to know the Lord at 15 years old. I had an encounter with God that revealed to me my true need for a Savior and the reality of the Gospel. I was set free from anxiety and began to experience a true love for God’s Word and passion for the gospel. 

I went on to Bible School after high school and began to grow in my understanding of the scriptures and desire to serve God in ministry. In NYC in 2019, a bill was passed that legalized abortion for up to 9 months. This awakened me to the horror happening in my city and protected by our laws. 

In February, I went to a large pro-life prayer meeting in Albany, where God broke my heart over the atrocity of abortion. From there, I began praying at the largest abortion center in NY on Friday evenings and connected with Love Life later that year. My friend and I helped start Love Life NYC and received training to counsel abortion-minded women. We witnessed many moms choose life. I now direct our Love Life Central PA chapter, and it’s been a challenging yet amazing journey! 

How God Prepared Me for This Journey

In the beginning, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to relate very much to the women since I’m not post-abortive nor a mother (yet). But God began to show me that how I was raised is a testimony to many of the women I encounter. I grew up with a single mom in NYC. My father passed away when she was 7 months pregnant with me, and my older brother was 2 ½. Throughout my life, I witnessed God be a faithful Father to me and a provider for my mom time and again. I’ve been able to share about God as a Father and a Provider to women who are afraid of being single moms and raising their children without an earthly father. While this fear is understandable, it’s not a reason to abort your child, and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to encourage moms with my story. 

I knew God was calling me to this work full-time! I am passionate about seeing the body of Christ activated to do what God has designed her to accomplish. I love Love Life’s mission because it is two-fold. We are witnessing the evil while reaching out with hope to the hurting and those being taken away to death, and we’re calling the church to do the same. We’re witnessing the problem and encouraging the church to be the solution while presenting her with a simple way to do so. This is an eternal work and one that will leave an eternal impact.

My Goals and Prayers for the Future

My hopes, goals, and dreams are that Love Life won’t need to exist in the future because the church will be activated on her own and abortion will be abolished, and mothers in need will be cared for by God’s people. My shorter-term goal is that we’ll raise up 40+ partnering churches in the Central PA region! 

Ministry Highlights and Struggles

Highlight in the ministry is always seeing moms choose life and then witnessing the precious babies be born. This ministry has a great return on investment. The struggles can be many in this work. However, I would say one of the greatest is simply staying persistent and prayerful while not relying on my own wisdom and understanding but on the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the greatest work (saving souls). 

Current Climate and Prayer Request

The current climate nationwide is often not very encouraging. But we keep our eyes on the prize (Jesus) and our hands on the plow. Please pray for the churches, for boldness, willingness to learn and be engaged, and for moms we encounter at abortion clinics to come to know the Lord as their healer and deliverer.  

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