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A woman holding the steering wheel of a car with one hand while driving.

An Unexpected Stop – by Vicky Kaseorg


When we are ministering on the sidewalk of abortion centers, we never take time to analyze the cars driving down the street and whether it might carry an abortion-minded woman. We wave, smile, and do our best to encourage every car to stop and take our information. If we took the time to analyze, too often we would miss moms who were abortion-determined.

On this particular day, we had 30 new trainees for Sidewalk Outreach shadowing us. They were down the street a hundred feet watching as I flagged down a car who stopped for me. I saw the Uber driver sign on the windshield at that point. I only noticed one person in the backseat although it turns out there were two women; one a young teen.

As I always do, I instantly handed the literature to the Uber driver who surprisingly took it. I asked him to please give it to the woman in the back seat because no matter what she faced we had hope and help for her. Then I began speaking to the woman, telling her about our resources, that her baby’s heart was already beating if she had missed her period, and how much we would love to help her so she did not feel she needed to abort her child.

At this point, the Uber driver told me the woman only spoke Spanish. I quickly handed him our Spanish pamphlet. Now, one of the pro-abortion people was coming over to tell the Uber driver to keep driving and to urge him to take the woman into the clinic parking lot. I, on the other hand, begged him to please pull over to the curb and let the woman out right there so I could talk to her. I told him, “This is an abortion center and they kill babies here for profit.”


Never, in all my nine years of being on the sidewalk, has an Uber driver agreed to do that. After all, it is his job to deliver his customer safely where she wants to go. I think he might have asked the woman if she wanted to pull over at that point, but I am not sure. I spoke to her in my broken Spanish, “Please don’t abort your child; your baby is precious to God.”

The first miracle occurred then. The Uber driver pulled over to the curb! I hurried to the door on the woman’s side of the car. Surprisingly, the woman and the teenager got out. The second miracle is that I knew in my heart it was the older woman, not the teenager, who was the pregnant one. I quickly found the instant translator app on my phone and began sharing everything I knew to share with her. I desperately wanted and needed a human Spanish translator because the app certainly has limitations. I prayed in my heart that among those 30 trainees, there would be someone that spoke Spanish who could help me. But it didn’t matter even if there was. The woman had already told me politely that she would not keep this baby. She intended to abort. I knew if I left the woman to try to find a translator, she would go right in to the abortion center.

That’s when miracle number three happened. Our team lead discerned that I needed someone who spoke Spanish, and hurried to the trainee group. She found a Spanish speaking member, and brought her to me. The trainee was very nervous. In fact, I saw her hands shaking when I gave her a pen later on to write things for the mom. So I told her right away, “I will tell you exactly what to say and I just need you to say it in Spanish and translate her response for me.” This somewhat scared but willing servant of God nodded. She would do whatever was needed.

Through the translator, the woman and I were able to converse. Almost instantly, as I started talking about God and what He would have her do, her eyes shone with tears. Her demeanor began to change as we spoke of how we could help, and how God would never have her take her child’s life.

We talked for at least half an hour. Miracle number four. The pro-abortion crowd, who normally tries to disrupt every conversation, somehow did not come over and bother us until the mom had clearly changed her heart towards her baby. At that point, the pro-abortion person tried to talk the woman into going to the clinic and told her we lie, and we have Covid. Remarkably, the woman refused and walked with us to the safety of our Love Life property where the pro-abortion person could not follow us.

We continued to share the truth of what God has to say about the baby, the baby’s development, and our resources. We set up an appointment for an ultrasound the following morning at a local Pregnancy Resource Center. I had a rock with me that I had painted with a verse in Spanish that said “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” I had painted a little baby in the womb on that rock along with the verse. I told her I had not known that I would meet her that day, but God had prompted me to prepare a rock just for her. I handed it to her and told her I hoped it would remind her of that precious life that she carried in her womb.

She cradled the rock in her hands, and tears came to her eyes. I asked her what her decision was now. Would she keep her baby? Miracle number five. As the tears tumbled down her cheeks, she told me, “Yes. And I must repent to God because I lost sight of Him and was tempted to kill my baby.”

I agreed with her that she was tempted, but even Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. However, He did not sin, and neither did she in the face of this temptation. That God had sent our team in her hour of need and showed how much He loved her.  She clutched my hand and didn’t let go as we shared details of the Love Life mentorship program with her and prayed with her. Then she hugged both of us saying, “Gracias!” over and over. She asked about the crowd of trainees, clearly praying nearby. We explained these were people like us who loved God and desired to help people like her in difficult situations. 

Miracle number Six occurred after I thought the drama had ended. She was going to meet the Uber driver up the road.  With a final hug, she and her daughter walked up the road. The same pro-abortion woman who had tried to talk her into going into the clinic drove up to her, pulled over, and again tried to talk her into aborting her baby. I admit fury filled my heart.

I hurried over and told her I would drive her home. She quickly accepted.

She kept telling us that if we hadn’t been there, who knows what would have happened? She had been focused on her fear and obstacles. Her baby would probably not have lived to the end of the day. Praise God that the church showed up, willing to stand and speak in intercession for that precious unborn baby.

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    Excellent True Story…Love the Aggressive Push Not To Quit In Your Pursuit of The Goal…

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