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Ignore the Naysayers and Serve the Lord – by Vicky Kaseorg

How often we hear people tell us we should not intercede at abortion center sidewalks!

Their minds are made up.

The last thing they need is to feel guilty in the midst of this difficult decision.

You should not judge!

I believe every one of these charges is flawed. A story from this past week demonstrates this truth. Our team was ministering in the brutal, hot sun. Those days are not easy, but our volunteers are serving with hearts that know they have been called by God to do what they do. One can endure a lot of hardship if the one we are serving is beloved.

A car pulled over when I waved to to the young woman driving, offering literature. Since we have been on the sidewalk so many years, we can often discern very quickly when a person is soft towards God, and conflicted about the abortion. I knew instantly that was the case as I began speaking to the woman. Her eyes teared up the moment I talked about her child’s beating heart. Unlike many of the women, she didn’t look away. She thanked me when I told her all we could do to help. When I spoke about God and what He would have her do, she was visibly convicted. I feel certain if the pro-abortion escort had not come and interrupted our discussion, telling her she could not stop in the road, she might have gone on our mobile ultrasound unit parked on the curb.

As soon as she drove into the clinic parking lot, the escort took the pamphlet I had given her away. In fact, that day the escort confiscated EVERY pamphlet we gave the moms driving in. I began praying, certain this was a very conflicted woman. I went to every team member and told them the story. They all began praying. When she got out of her car to go into the abortion center, my team members called out to her about the truth of the baby’s humanity, what God says about human life, and the many resources we could offer. She entered the abortion center anyway.

I knew when I had mentioned God that she felt guilt. I also knew that God sends us guilt to keep us from doing what we should not do. I never speak with an intention to make people feel guilty. But if they do feel guilt as a result of a desire to rebel against God’s clear word, I rejoice that the Spirit is still able to reach them. 

I also knew that she knew abortion was wrong. Again, the tears in her eyes and the softness in her interaction with me revealed that she knew what God would have her do. She never expressed anger that I was judging abortion to be an act no mother should ever consider. In fact, she thanked me.

Two hours went by. We were very busy. We gave out several more pieces of literature but each one was confiscated by the pro-abortion escorts. This was disheartening, but we know whom we serve and we trust He is mighty to save no matter what.

The abortionist came. Now the killing would begin. The soft-hearted woman was still inside. As we were preparing to leave for the day, her car pulled out of the driveway. She instantly stopped and rolled down her window for our team.

“Did you change your mind?” I asked, seeing a peace on her face that had not been there before.

“The baby was too small. They could not find it yet. I am only about 3 weeks along.”

“In another 2 or 3 weeks, they will be able to find the baby. Please…let us help you. Don’t abort your child.”

She smiled, reaching for the literature I had in my hand. “I am reconsidering,” she said. “I will call you.”

When she came to the abortion center…

          Her mind was not made up….

                  The guilt she felt despite her situation made her eyes water with the mention of God….

                                She responded to the challenge to judge what was right before God by saying she

                                              Had reconsidered. 

Ignore the naysayers who insist the Church should not show up at that desperate last place where babies live and die. If we don’t show up, Satan will be the only voice echoing in empty, sad souls who have lost their anchor in the storm.

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