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If These Become Silent the Rocks Will Cry Out – by Vicky Kaseorg

I was manning the post up the street when I saw a car pull over and park on the curb. I meandered over, always a little hesitant to approach a stopped car. It could be anyone. However, she rolled down her window, so I asked if she was headed to the abortion center. She said she was. She told me she supported what we were doing. However, she said her case was different.

She had been going to an OB/GYN for 3 weeks. She tested pregnant, but they could not find a heartbeat. She made an appointment for an abortion. There were other issues. 

I told her I was an old woman now, and had the perspective of looking back on the foolish choices in my younger days. I had the vantage point of age, looking back on my regrets. I thought I knew it all when I was 23. Now I understood how little I knew. 

I told her about my abortion at her age. I did not know the Lord. I had thoughtlessly taken my child’s life…but I did not yet know God. She claimed to know and love Jesus. I challenged her, saying if that was true, she would not be here. I told her that if I could take back that day I aborted my child, I would. I could not. But I could be there urging her not to kill her baby.

“But they have found no heartbeat,” she told me. 

“Then let your body proceed naturally. Maybe it will expel the baby if indeed the baby is dead, and you will not have abortion on your conscience. Or come on our free mobile ultrasound unit. Let us see if your baby is alive! Is your doctor urging you to come here?”

“No, the doctor told me just to wait. But I am tired of waiting. I feel so sick.”

I reached into my pouch and pulled out a rock I had painted with a verse from Jeremiah 1:5. 


“I am an artist,” I told her, “And I paint these rocks to remind moms of what God says about unborn human life. What do you think this verse means?”

She read the verse. “That God loves us from the moment we are conceived….and He doesn’t make mistakes.”

“Yes,” I said. “I want you to keep that rock, and let God speak to your spirit what you should do.”

She looked at the rock, and as so many women do, ran her finger gently over the image of the baby.

“Do you give these to women who choose….” She didn’t finish, but I knew the last word was LIFE.

“I give them to women who I believe the Holy Spirit can still reach,” I said.

She thanked me, and drove into the abortion center.

Later I learned she had left very soon thereafter. I was already gone, but our team lead told me she left before the abortionist and after just a short time. She could not have chosen to have the abortion.

We never know what might incline a heart to turn back to God. We can only speak truth, and offer our utmost for His highest, and HOPE.

“But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!””Luke 19:40

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