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The abortion crisis is a behemoth, an evil so large and so pervasive in our culture that we can feel like grasshoppers facing a giant. It’s tempting to be discouraged and wonder, “What can one person like me do to affect change?”

Austin Dockrey, a high school senior, faced that question head-on after attending an apologetics class on abortion led by our Love Life Northeast Regional Director, Bo Linam. Like many, Austin always claimed to be pro-life but didn’t really know why. However, this class lit a fire in him to dig deeper and find the “why”.

“What I learned took hold of my heart. I felt like people need to know this stuff. I started thinking, what can I do? Someone has to do something…if not me…who?

His youth pastor was a huge factor in encouraging Austin. He had been intentional in providing opportunities for the youth to not only absorb biblical truth but also to have an avenue for applying those truths. He said that experience was what prepared him for what happened next.

Deeply convicted by all he learned, he took the opportunity to share in his youth group. The youth group was deeply moved by what Austin presented, prompting the Pastor to ask Austin to speak to the church on Sanctity of Life Sunday. Austin quickly seized the chance to speak, despite never having addressed such a large group before.

“I believe that if God gives you an opportunity to speak, you should never say no.”

His message was an eye-opener to many in the congregation as he shared the tragic truth of abortion. He shared that though the church may have been silent on abortion in the past, it must take a stand now. He challenged them that the church needs to be a House of Refuge to moms in unplanned pregnancies, “a place of comfort and not condemnation.”

Because of Austin’s boldness and courage, his church was moved to become a Love Life House of Refuge church.

Like David when he confronted Goliath, Austin is only a teen. However, in both cases, God demonstrated that we should never fear giants when God is calling us to battle. This young man with faithful courage raised his voice to mobilize an entire church to challenge the giant of abortion in their culture.

Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

God can use you the same way he used Austin. Is your church a place where men and women can run to instead of an abortion clinic? How can you encourage your church to stand for life in a culture of death?