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Hope is Here – by Vicky Kaseorg

While encouraging and training our Fayetteville sidewalk outreach team, I was privileged to see a miracle. We were calling out to a couple who had parked in the back lot of the abortion center. The woman started walking to the clinic front door, but then listening to our words of hope and help, she veered straight to me. I asked her what situation brought her here, and told her whatever she faced, God would not have her take her child’s life. I told her we could help, and right across the street was a free mobile ultrasound unit.

She told me she really did not want to abort. Could she get the free ultrasound now? 

“Yes! I will walk with you over there right now.”

She did not even look back at the boyfriend sitting in the car. She walked with me as though something other than her own legs was pulling her away from the abortion center. As we started across the very busy highway, I clutched her arm.

“You carry precious cargo,” I told her, “Wait for a bigger break in the traffic.”

She smiled, a hand unconsciously touching her stomach. A very good sign, I thought.

After handing her off to the ultrasound nurse, I headed back to my post. That early morning, I had prayed God would bring us a prepared and softened heart who would choose life right away. What a blessing that would be as I ministered with this team I had not worked with before. I knew the Church was also praying. In fact, one of our team members was the pastor of a church who was fully committed to offer help to abortion minded women. His church was one of the first House of Refuge churches in Fayetteville.

A few moments later, the boyfriend drove out. He stopped for me by the driveway. I showed him where the Mobile Ultrasound was and asked if he was the baby’s father. He nodded, smiling. This man did not want the abortion, that was clear. I pulled out one of the painted rocks I always have with me. It has a baby with a Bible verse painted on it. I told him I was an artist and would love for him to give this to his girlfriend. He clutched it and said, “She is also an artist! She will love this.”

I saw him drive over to the other side of the busy highway, get out of the car, and hug the woman. The two of them followed the nurse onto the mobile ultrasound bus.

Later, the ultrasound nurse told us the boyfriend had called the woman from the parking lot behind the abortion clinic. He had seen her talking with me, but then had no idea where she had gone.

“Where are you?” he asked.

Remembering what our team shirts have written on them, she told him, “I am at Hope is Here!” 

That is the truth. When the Church is present at these Abortion centers where all hope is abandoned, God is there. Where there is God, there is Hope.

Psalms 39:7 NKJV

7“And now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in You.

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