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Holding the Fruit of our Labor in the Lord – by Vicky Kaseorg

Jonathan is a sidewalk outreach team member in South Florida. He arrives every day the abortion center is open and stays the entire day. He is a big guy with a big heart and a kind face. When I met him to encourage and help the South Florida team, he asked me if his beard made him too intimidating. Should he shave it off? I love the heart whose deepest concern is his impact on the women he hopes to encourage to choose life.

Momma F paused to talk to him on the day she was heading into the abortion center. Her circumstances were terrible. She knew abortion was wrong. However, what choice did she have but to abort? She was homeless, as was the father of the baby. How could she possibly bring a child into that dire situation? 

She spoke no English. Jonathan pulled out his phone and talked with her using Google Translate. He convinced her to save her baby. (And by the way, he kept the beard. I assured him his kindness was evident with or without a beard.) A hispanic counselor also joined the discussion.

The South Florida Love Life ministry was able to get both Momma F and the baby’s father into safe housing. She was so grateful and convicted by the love of the Lord of those who helped her that she began attending a House of Refuge church, Gracia Sobre Gracia with Pastor Michel Galeano. The church threw her an amazing baby shower and gender reveal at the same time! It was a powerful time of worship and thanksgiving for that precious life. 


When Momma “F” gave birth, she had health complications. Love Life South Florida organized meals to be delivered to help her focus on herself and the baby. She was so blessed by the outpouring of love from God’s people. 


Jonathan has helped several women choose life, but baby Ashlyn was the first fruit of his ministry that he was able to hold in his arms. He said there was nothing like holding that baby who would not be here if he had not been there.


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