You are currently viewing God’s Miraculous Signs of His Presence- by Vicky Kaseorg

God’s Miraculous Signs of His Presence- by Vicky Kaseorg

Recently, Charlotte was able to add a Monday afternoon sidewalk outreach team. Tom and his wife Mitch have already seen saved babies as a result of being there in the afternoon. Mitch was going through a rather hard time this past Monday, as she has a friend who has been diagnosed with a very serious cancer. The friend called Mitch while she was on the sidewalk. Mitch tells the story below of what happened as she spoke and prayed with her friend.

She told me she feels God wrapped around her shoulders all the time. While we were talking, I saw a car drive into the abortion center lot.  I told my friend that Tom and I were at an abortion clinic volunteering. She knows about the clinic and told me, “That’s great what you and Tom are doing. All the babies when you get to heaven will welcome you!” 

She continued telling me that she has lots of children visiting her at night… that she’s not alone. She said all the children are singing and carrying her! She said when she’s sleeping, she’s in wonderland. She told me she can’t wait to be with Jesus! Then we got off the phone.

I stood at the driveway while Tom was on the microphone. I waited 15-20 minutes for the woman in the car to get out and go inside the abortion center, but I didn’t see any one come out of the car.

Then, I saw them driving out of the parking lot! I immediately stopped them, and I asked, “Did you change your mind?” They both said YES! 

Then I told them to pull over to the side, and I asked why did you choose life? The mother said, “I was looking for a sign, then I heard the man talking on the mic… and decided I am not 100% sure of abortion.” The mother said it is her first baby. 

Sorry it’s a long story but I’m just so amazed about how my friend told me about the children  and then this baby was saved!

God never stops working!

Tom gave the mother a Love Life gift bag. I asked her if she needed any support or resources but the mother said No. 

God is good!

All it took for that couple to choose life was a new sidewalk counselor  boldly and lovingly speaking about the truth of what God says about the baby, help available, about the sin of killing innocent unborn children, and about His commandments and plans to prosper and not to harm us! Many women tell us they are looking for a sign. The CHURCH showing up is the sign!

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