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God’s Miraculous Intervention

Last Saturday, our South Florida team had an incredible opportunity to minister to a mom during the prayer walk!

The young woman said she believed in God and was attending church but was in a relationship with a guy she knew wasn’t right. She was ashamed when she learned she was pregnant and planned to end the relationship and have an abortion.

When she arrived for her ultrasound, she mistakenly went to a pregnancy resource center instead of the abortion center. She was shocked when she realized what had happened, and for a moment, she took it as a sign from God not to go through with the abortion. Unfortunately, she began to rationalize that it would be ok to have the abortion and told God that she understood the consequences and would deal with them later.

She scheduled another appointment at the abortion center the following Saturday, unknowingly during the same time as our weekly Love Life Prayer Walk.

As she approached the abortion center, God graciously gave her another sign not to abort her precious child. She saw the banner for the prayer walk and stopped to talk with two women at the connections table. They reached out to one of our sidewalk team members, who came over and continued ministering to her.

Our sidewalk team member began to share about how we could help her and about how much God cared about her. She reminded her of how clearly God had shown her he wanted her to keep this baby by intervening multiple times. A few more women walked over and began encouraging and praying with her as well. One of the women, a Love Life mentor, shared a story of a mom who had chosen life and showed her a picture of the baby. The young woman’s heart softened as she began to cry and said, “There is no way I am having the abortion.”

She agreed to connect with a mentor and exchanged phone numbers with several of the women so they could stay in contact and continue ministering to her!

Please continue to pray for this mama and our South Florida team as they continue to walk alongside her throughout her pregnancy and beyond!

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