You are currently viewing God’s Diving Purpose in Loving Our Neighbor – by Vicky Kaseorg

God’s Diving Purpose in Loving Our Neighbor – by Vicky Kaseorg

“I received a call from a desperate, pregnant woman who was living in her car with her one-year-old. Her mother had kicked her out of her home, and the woman was considering abortion. What did she have to offer the unborn child? She found Love Life through a partnering ministry, who connected her with our Love Life sidewalk counselor…me.

As soon as I heard her story— 20 years old, college on hold when the 1-year-old was born, now pregnant and homeless—I interrupted her. “We WILL help you,” I assured her, “We will appoint a Love Life mentor that will walk alongside you for a year, go over all your struggles and link you with resources. BUT first, I have to tell you that there is the PERFECT maternity home that you might be interested in.”

I told her about a resource in our area, Mira Via. I had toured this facility a year ago. They almost always have openings and offer an incredible program that takes pregnant single women who desire to pursue higher education. The woman can remain with them, free of charge, for two years following the birth of her child as long as they are pursuing higher education. All kinds of training and help is provided in the interim, preparing the woman for full independence when the two years ended. 

When I told the mom about this program, she was very interested. She had recently rededicated her life to the Lord, and this incredible offer of help felt like it had God written all over it. After talking with me about the Biblical support of the value of her precious unborn baby, she assured me abortion was off the table. I set up an interview with her and the Mira Via intake manager. Within hours, the mom had visited Mira Via and filled out an application. The manager and I remained in contact. She told me they loved this mom, and all was proceeding at lightning speed to admit her in their amazing program. She will be living with a friend for the next few days and then safely transfer to Mira Via.

The next day, I met the mom at the HELP Monroe Mobile ultrasound unit. We showed her the precious unborn child for the first time, showered her with gifts and offers of more help with another ministry partner for her one year old child. I gave her a rock painted with an image of an unborn child and the Bible verse: 

“I was cast upon You from birth. From My mother’s womb You have been My God.” – Psalm 22‬:10‬ 

As I talked about the help we could offer along with Mira Via, she held the rock in her hands. Her thumb caressed the image of the unborn baby.

The young mother told me that she and her fiancée were fully convinced that God was showing them He cared for them and had a divine purpose in this unborn child entering their lives. They committed to chastity until marriage. She assured me that abortion was definitely off the table.  The mom told me, “All this help…I know it is God telling me He is here, and I can trust Him.” – Vicky Kaseorg, Sidewalk Training Director

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