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Genesis – by Sarah Boeke

I would like to take you back with me to November 22nd, 2019. It was a chilly morning sidewalk counseling at the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood in downtown Manhattan in New York City. I and a few others were counseling that day, and we were just about to leave for the day when a lady walked past us into Planned Parenthood. She didn’t engage initially, but when she came back out after just a few minutes, she stopped and shared her story and allowed us to share the message of hope and help with her.

Cynthia was around 16 weeks pregnant. We could see her little belly. She explained how she was supposed to go to a Planned Parenthood in Brooklyn that day, but when she couldn’t find parking, she came to Manhattan instead. She was set on getting an abortion, but Planned Parenthood could not take her that day and told her to come back tomorrow. She shared that although she has two other children and didn’t think she had space for a third in her mom’s apartment, her mother wanted her to keep the baby and was praying for her. In tears, Cynthia said that she had even prayed on the way to the clinic for God to give her a way out of the abortion because she knew it was wrong but felt like she had no other way out. She even knew that it would be a baby girl, and if she kept her, she would name her Genesis.


We immediately took her to get coffee, shared Jesus with her, and gave her practical help and resources. Cynthia chose life that day, and today, little Genesis is alive and thriving. We raised several thousand dollars for her, and she is currently looking at job opportunities in Florida to move her family. She was able to find space for baby Genesis, and her two other children adore her. Cynthia describes her with three simple words, “She is perfect.”

And perfect she is. A precious little life who had an appointment to die was saved from death because the message of life and hope encountered a situation of death and hopelessness. It is not because of any power in ourselves but because our all-powerful God works through His willing vessels to save lives and transform hearts. He answered Cynthia’s prayer that day in the form of Love Life sidewalk counselors who had a simple message – your baby is created in the image of God, and we are here to help you. That message saved a life. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Join a team and watch what God will do!

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