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Filling a Thirsty Soul – by Vicky Kaseorg

This morning at the abortion center a car pulled over for our sidewalk outreach team. I thought it was a mother who had possibly chosen life, but she said, no, she worked at the clinic. She told me she just quit. My teammate and I erupted with joy and asked her to pull to the curb so we could talk with her and offer her help.

Her story poured out of her. She had been ashamed of her work. She would not even talk with her family about what she did. For the past three months, she had heard us every single day over the microphone as she pulled into the parking lot of the abortion center. She would turn up the radio as loud as possible to try not to hear us speaking. When she got out of the car, she would cover her ears and rush into the abortion center. But she heard anyway… and she knew that what we were saying was true. 

She would go home at night and think about what we had said. She had struggled to find work, partially due to physical issues. It is easy to get a job at the abortion center. But it was gnawing away at her soul. She did not believe in abortion herself and did believe in God. Nonetheless, she did not feel it was her business to interfere with someone else’s choice to abort.  The more she listened to us, the more conflicted she became.

“God would not let me off the hook,” she told me.

I told her that we were there because we believed so strongly that abortion was wrong, and that God was very clear about that truth. He was also clear that we could not remain silent on the issue. I cited some verses to illustrate that point such as Proverbs 24:11-12, and also Proverbs 31:8-10. She said she understood… and now agreed.

I told her to contact and they would help her find honorable work that she could be proud of.  Additionally, I could send her links to online jobs so that she could work at home.  I had a contact who could help her secure such a job. That contact is a woman who came to abort six years ago, met us, chose life, and her life turned around. Now she helps us help other abortion-determined moms by assisting them to find work from home. 

I also had just met a woman a couple of weeks ago who worked with a company that gave out free tablets to women in need. I asked if that would help her. At this point, she pulled out a tissue and started wiping tears away.  She told me she had always wanted to work from home. She felt that we were angels sent from God to help her. She had quit not knowing what would happen. She had no job lined up. She had children to feed. However, her heart had been so convicted by the faithful presence and words of our sidewalk outreach teams that she knew she could no longer remain in a job where innocent babies’ deaths paid her salary. 

Later, she sent me a text, telling me that she had repented and asked God for forgiveness. She knew that if He had convicted her to leave her job before she had anything else lined up, He would safely see her through whatever she needed to do next. She asked if she could stay in touch because she had appreciated the words that we shared from the Lord so much and the fact that we had prayed with her.

I told her that I knew that inside the abortion center they probably told her that we lie, but that I assured her we would help as would She said they do indeed tell the workers that we lie. But she said, “I know that that is not true because you are out here in the cold and the rain day after day after day trying to help total strangers. Why would anyone do that unless what they offered was true?”

Our team was so encouraged. There are many cold hard days when we see no visible fruit. But this woman showed us that, drip by drip, the cup of God’s truth finally overflowed and filled her thirsty soul.

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