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Count the Cost – Bo Linam

As Life Ride has kicked off and the first few hundred miles have passed underneath the pedals of Pastor Jay, many are inspired, and many are watching and praying in encouragement for this colossal endeavor. But most have not stopped to think about the cost that was counted before Life Ride began in California.

Pastor Jay was given a mission by God many years ago to ride across America for the Kingdom but being obedient to that mission will cost him. Life Ride will cost him time away from his family and time away from his home church. It will take a tremendous toll on his body, it will draw the negative attention that comes from being a vocal follower of Christ Jesus speaking out about abortion in today’s culture, and it could even cost him his life. Pastor Jay had to count these costs before the first pedal was pushed and the first mile of the ride was completed.

The only logical question that could come from counting the cost is this: Is this worth it, is it worth it to be obedient to the mission God has given me?

The answer to the question is very obvious for Pastor Jay. You can see his answer in every mile passed, every sore muscle, and every moment of loneliness on his bicycle. His decision wasn’t made when the ride started. It was made when he came to the conclusion that his obedience was more important than his comfort. His decision was made when he counted the cost of putting his “yes” on the table to God’s plan for him and saw honoring our Lord as his highest form of joy.

Now, apply these principles to your walk with the Lord. If you are a sidewalk counselor, a mentor, a city director, a prayer walk volunteer, or any other form of being part of Love Life, have you counted the cost of your obedience to be involved in the Church’s responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless, and expose the tragic truth of abortion? Do you see the particular station that God has seated you in as worthy of whatever it could cost you?

I know for most people reading this short article, you have counted the cost, and you see your station as a divine appointment, but sometimes we need to be reminded of things we already know more than we need to know new things. Our approach to the work the Lord has set before us is so much more meaningful and fulfilling when we think about what it could cost us and sometimes has already cost us. We are reminded of the cost Christ paid for the work He completed for us, and it makes us that much more grateful.

Now, take this concept out of your Love Life station and apply this to your day to day life, i.e., your family life, your social circle, and your community. Will you share your faith at work if it could cost you influence? Will you say something at a neighborhood cookout when someone mocks God? Will you stand at your city council meeting when they are trying to pass pro abortion city ordinances? All of these things will come with a cost. These things could cost you friendships, family ties, and even your job, but the question would remain the same: Is being bold in your faith worth the cost? Is your obedience to Christ worth more than the comforts of your flesh?

So in closing, as Pastor Jay pedals through the wind, the heat, the rain, the sore muscles, and aching bones, his answer shines through as a City on a hill. How bright will your answer shine in the lives of those around you?” – Bo Linam, Love Life Northeast Regional Shepherd

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