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An Unexpected Encouragement

Our team had faced a discouraging day ministering on the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood. There were no known saved babies, and one woman who had the abortion was obviously incapacitated by it. Just as the team was preparing to leave, a woman walking down the street stopped to talk with them.

Nearly two decades ago, she had been brought to an abortion center against her will. Her parents told her she had to abort. She was being pressured to do what she knew she should not do. When her parents brought her to the abortion center, she saw pro-life people on the sidewalk. She felt even more convicted she should not abort. Inside the abortion center, the ultrasound tech refused to show her the screen and the ultrasound of her baby. She was now completely convinced that the pro-abortion advocates were lying to her, and she knew God was telling her she could not kill her baby. So she refused. Her mother was furious and drove away, leaving her to fend for herself at the abortion center. It was the Christian sidewalk outreach team that helped her.

She told us now that child is nearly grown, on the cusp of adulthood. She says he “saved her life.” She told our team that you could not find a kinder, more wonderful person on earth.

She thanked our teams— thanked them for being there for women like her. If a Christian witness had not been on the sidewalk that day, she feels she would likely have given in to the pressure to abort.  She reminded us you never know what someone is going through that leads to an unplanned pregnancy…but abortion was not the answer. She sees us on the sidewalk often, and each time it reminds her and warms her heart that we are there.

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