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A Watershed Moment – by Vicky Kaseorg

God cares about numbers. We know that… because there’s a whole book in the Bible titled Numbers. Numbers are not important in and of themselves but for what they reflect; for what they represent.

Seven years ago, Love Life started in one city with a businessman who saw the tragic truth of abortion in front of a Charlotte abortion center. He knew God was guiding him to tackle the culture of death and transform it to a culture of life by mobilizing and uniting the church. The ministry grew and expanded to cities all across the nation. Babies were being saved, and families were being mentored, discipled, and helped through the local church. More churches were mobilized, equipped, and ready to intercede through the training and efforts of Love Life.

We keep track of the numbers, not as another notch in our belt or another jewel in our heavenly crown, but as the tangible evidence that our obedience to God in this ministry is not in vain. Lives are being changed. The culture is being transformed, one precious baby at a time.

July 6, 2023, seven years from that inauspicious beginning, the 5000th baby that we know of was rescued from death. The 5,000th family was preserved from the trauma and sorrow of abortion. That baby, now safe in the womb, may never know that his or her life was a watershed moment.

This was a watershed moment for this family… but NOT because their unborn child was the 5,000th baby saved since Love Life began. His or her life was a watershed moment because the instant that mother decided to protect her child, she turned a corner that will forever change her path. The entire trajectory of a family was shifted.

A culture of death is transformed to a culture of Life one person at a time. A precious life created in the image of God is alive because the church showed up. The mother will likely never know that a ministry was rejoicing because she was the 5,000 mom to choose life. What she WILL know is the love and divine purpose of that one precious child. We praise God for that one and for all that preceded him. To Him alone be the glory!

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