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A Sedan, The Church, and You

“D” was facing an unplanned pregnancy, and her boyfriend was threatening to kick her out if she didn’t abort. Thankfully, the appeals from our Sidewalk Outreach team reached her ears, and she chose life. But this is just the beginning of her story.

Without a job or a vehicle to get to work, on top of no longer having a place to live, “D” needed significant help. She was immediately connected with a mentor from a local church. This mentor, who happened to be the pastor’s wife of one of our amazing House of Refuge churches, did everything she could to support “D”. Sadly, after a few weeks, “D” stopped responding, and her life remained in chaos.

This church, being a House of Refuge, had everything in place to help “D”, but she was still unresponsive. In such a situation, it’s tempting to believe the worst—that “D” had returned to the abortion center and had the abortion. Then, a breakthrough. Months later, due to the gracious perseverance of God’s people, “D” finallyresponded. At this point, she was halfway through the pregnancy. Thankfully, she had severed ties with the boyfriend who had pressured her to abort, but she still needed employment and transportation.

When the mentor reached out to her church and on social media, the response was overwhelming. This is why the mentor and her church didn’t want to be named in this article. They know it’s not just one church, one pastor, and his wife who are the heroes of this story, but the entire Body of Christthe Church—that Jesus used to minister to this mother and her child.

Within 24 hours, someone had donated a car—a sedan—to this mom. Others rallied around her in other significant ways to ensure she was on a solid foundation financially, relationally, and spiritually, preparing for her precious baby’s arrival.


So, what do a sedan, the Church, and you have in common? All three mobilized to help this precious mother and her baby. Through the amazing gift of a vehicle, “D” will have much-needed transportation. All of this happened because the Church in her community truly embodied the hands and feet of Jesus to her. And you, through your financial support of this ministry, helped awaken the Church to the need to be present at the darkest places in their city.