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A Refuge for a Mom in Despair – by Vicky Kaseorg

A few days ago, a woman wrote to us, knowing that we often get donations of things that moms might need. She had chosen life in 2020 and then given birth to a child with significant disability. However, she loved that child who was not expected to live at all but survived for a year and a half. The mother was devastated when her precious baby died.For a long time, she struggled, wondering why God would have allowed this to happen, and her initial feelings were anger at God. 

However, it was to God’s people she reached out when she needed help. She knew who to turn to because when she chose life, we helped her. Now she needed a stove. We contacted a House of Refuge church in the area, who immediately said they would love to help her. 

House of Refuge churches are the conduit by which we spread the love and hope of Jesus, as well as provide tangible assistance. Pastor Jay Stewart is riding 3,400 miles across the country in an event called Life Ride. The mission of Life Ride is to expand House of Refuge churches nationwide and raise funds to train and equip them. Coincidentally, the House of Refuge Church that will be helping this mom is the church Jay pastors. 
Please pray for this precious young lady as she struggles in the aftermath of this devastating loss. May she find refuge and strength in Jesus through the ministry of this House of Refuge church, appropriately called The Refuge. 

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