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A Plan and a Purpose – by Vicky Kaseorg

A woman called me, just as we were about to sit down and eat dinner. I signaled to my husband who knows the drill as soon as I said, “tell me what’s going on?” He knew this was an abortion determined woman, and she was calling asking for help. He put our dinners under a cover. 

She told me she had left the abortion center and she is a mess. She said she just could not do it. I told her I was rejoicing, and that she was very brave. I asked her why she left the abortion center. She said she didn’t know. She said all her friends were saying the baby was not yet alive and she should just have the abortion. The boyfriend had abandoned her.

I asked her when was she was first known and loved by God. She said when she was born. I told her in Jeremiah 1:5 the Bible says that Jeremiah was appointed as a prophet to the nations before one day of his came to be … while he was yet in the womb.  I told her God had a plan and a purpose for that baby from the moment of conception. I asked her who had she chosen when she walked out of the abortion center? God or Satan?

Immediately, she said, “God.” I told her, “Isn’t that amazing that little baby in the womb has already helped you to discern who you want to follow? That baby is already fulfilling God’s plan.”

From there, followed a gospel discussion, and she submitted her life to the Lord.

Praise God, that I get to be a part of stories like this. Like so many of the stories we share, this might have had a very tragic ending had our sidewalk outreach team not been there the day this baby was scheduled to die. The person who handed this mom the literature with my name and number to call had been praying that afternoon. She had told God she was grateful to be a part of this incredible ministry, and asked for His empowerment to remain faithful whether she saw visible fruit or not.


When I told her the mom had called me that night, chosen life, and submitted her life to the Lord, our precious Love Life volunteer cried. 

“What a blessing! I was asking the Lord on my walk after  getting home for perseverance for what He has called me to even if I see no fruit and……so thankful He gave me that glimpse and worked in that life.”

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