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A Heart Changed

“Last Saturday, as I drove to the Durham abortion clinic, I was praying, telling the Lord that although we were grateful to plant so many seeds, would he please send someone who was ready to hear the Word and respond to Christ?

While we were talking with a mama, a car drove up. In it was a 19-year-old young man bringing his mom for an abortion. He had five younger brothers and was acting as the man of the house, taking care of them. When he got out, he engaged with us briefly, arguing and speaking loudly, then went in with his mom. I prayed that he would come out, that we could have a calm conversation, that we would be patient and listen to him, and that he would hear us. Immediately, the young man walked out and said, “I want to have a friendly conversation, not a loud debate, and I want you to listen to me.” He told us that he had a relationship with God, but as we showed him Scripture, his heart immediately softened, and he said, “I’m wrong, you’re right. I thought I was close to God, but

I’m not. And I’m wrong about what I thought about abortion.”

Halfway through our conversation, I said, “There’s a child in there about to be murdered. Go tell your mom that we’ll help her.” He prayed, ran inside, and tried–but she wouldn’t come out. We talked for two hours, and at the end gave him a Bible. “Now I can help the other kids,” he said, and sure enough, that night, he texted me, “My first Bible study was good.” We’re staying in touch with him to confirm that he has trusted the Lord and is growing.” 

I believe my prayer from that morning was answered!” – Preston

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