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A Christmas Miracle

We met “Mama M” on the sidewalk outside the abortion center just 4 days after Christmas. We had been reaching out to women going in that morning; however, none had stopped to talk.

We were getting ready to leave when this beautiful mom entered the parking lot. Apparently, she had been watching us on her way into Planned Parenthood.

After her appointment, she told her dad she wanted to talk to the church ladies. She shared with us that she had not gone through with her abortion and was very torn.

As we sat with her, “Mama M” began to pour out her story and honestly shared the very challenging circumstances she was walking through. She listened intently as we counseled her through God’s word and shared about the help available to her. She let us pray for her and willingly gave us her phone number. She was still undecided about carrying her baby to term. However, at that moment, her baby’s life was spared, and for that, we were very grateful.

Our team continued to stay in contact and pray for this precious Mama and her baby. The more we learned about her situation, the heavier our hearts became, and the more fervently we prayed for God to intervene.

Sometimes “Mama M” was responsive. Other times she was not. Weeks would go by before hearing back from her. Despite the silence, her mentor continued to stay the course with her and was elated when “Mama M” finally confirmed that she was keeping her baby!!


Just this week, she found out she is having a girl!! We are rejoicing that God spared this precious child, and we continue to provide tangible support to this Mama in need.

We are beyond grateful that we were outside the abortion center that late December day and that this mom knew she could come to the Church for help in her time of need.

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